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What causes Rosacea?

The practical answer to this question is that Rosacea results from a combination of genetic and environmental factors. People with Rosacea frequently have family members with Rosacea.

Environmental factors, especially sun exposure are frequently present.

More immediate causes of temporary worsening or flares are irritation produced by topical products or by wind or sun.

Long-term application of topical steroids (cortisone) can produce rosacea.

Changes in body temperature (including exercise), as well as drinking hot beverages (especially coffee), spicy foods, or alcohol (especially red wine); can produce a relatively short term flare lasting for minutes or longer.

Temporary Treatments for Rosacea

Applying cold water compresses, moderating temperature changes, and sipping cold water or sucking on ice chips can all improve the short-term symptoms of flushing, burning, stinging, and tingling.

Flushing or blushing describes short-term worsening of redness which may be accompanied by the symptoms of burning, stinging, and tingling.

Rosacea is frequently accompanied by dry and sensitive skin which is more easily irritated.

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